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Vallis Gratiae Academy 12.–18.6.2016

Naantali Music Festival arranges an annual music course during the Festival for students of cello, violin and chamber music. Artists appearing at the Festival also give master class tuition at the Academy. The students participating in the course have free admission to the Music Festival concerts and can participate as passive students in the master class tuition.

The enrollment to the music course ends the 24.4.2016 and the results will be announced on the week 18. 

The teachers of the 2016 course:

Hagaï Shaham 12. – 15.6.
Jaakko Kuusisto 14. – 18.6.

Ivan Monighetti 12. - 15.6.
Hannu Kiiski 12. – 18.6.
Samuli Peltonen 12. – 18.6.

Hartmut Rohde 12. – 15.6.

Chamber Music
Hannu Kiiski 12. – 18.6.

Pianistit for the course
Joonas Pohjonen ja Mikael Kemppainen

Course fee

The course fee is 350 or 210 €, depending on the lenght of the course. The course fee includes 5 x 45 minutes of private lessons, (3 x 45 minutes for the shorter course), participate as passive students in the master class tuition and free entrance to the Music Festival concerts, that are not fully booked. Also the accompaniment is included to the price. 

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation during the course is arranged at the school (60 € / the whole course). Single nights at the school accommodation costs 10 € / per night. Ask us the possibility to stay at the Naantali Spa summer hostel.'

The course participants will get breakfast and lunch tickets for a reasonable price in a restaurant nearby. It is possible to use the fridge, coffee machine and microwave oven for preserving and warming food. 

Additional information:

Course attendant Minna Laukkanen 
p. +358503652823 / minna.laukkanen@aaniraatali.fi


Vallis Academy Concert:

Sat 18.6. at 14 Kristoffer Hall