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Music Festival Products

Give your friends, Music Festival guests or yourself a treat on top of attending a concert – with high-quality Naantali Music Festival products! Our selection features the superb CD series, The Most Beautiful Chamber Music 1-4, recorded at Naantali Church during Music Festival concerts. Our top international artists perform in these recordings. The price per CD is 10 € and a double-CD package is 15 €.

Also on offer are stylist silk scarves designed by Marja Kurki (35 € per item) and ties (30 € per item), as well as splendid brooches and tiepins designed for the Naantali Music Festival (40 € per item). You can obtain all products easily by ordering them directly from the Naantali Music Festival office, tel. +358 (0)2 434 5363 or by email to info@naantalinmusiikkijuhlat.fi. These products are also on sale in connection with the concerts.